My job is to keep the horses happy by teaching my clients how to better speak the equine language.  This rider/horse language is spoken through an effective position which consists of relaxation and feel that leads to correct timing and application of the aids.  Through correct repetition, learning takes place.  I believe all people can learn, all horses can learn, and every horse can teach you something.  Being aware of limitations, my goal is to achieve the best possible relationship between horse and rider pairs through proper training and education so as to develop a partnership of mutual trust and respect.  This will enable the rider to set appropriate goals for his/her horse career.

I believe that eventing is a team sport involving support from many sources.  I am here to provide a learning environment which is safe but still allows me to encourage, correct, confront, and push riders a little past their comfort zone at times.  The only way we can make improvements in our riding is through accountability, self analysis, and practice.  As a result of my teaching, I want my riders to think independently and learn to problem solve actively in training or away at shows.  This empowering of the rider leads to greater confidence which gives them the tools to cope with a variety of situations from a bad ride at home, dealing with competition nerves, or helping your horse out when things don't go quite as planned!