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Mom & Dad
They gave me the support for a fair shot in this sport with my first horse and a college education with an equestrian program.

Carol Green
Groom, jump crew, admin assistant, and anything else I can come up with!

John and Marty
What else can I say - I love these guys!

Marty Roper 1999-2010, Our beloved dog and my loyal companion

Collin Roper
new Landmark Eventing mascot

The Coady Family
In Josh’s younger years, they made it possible for me to compete all over the country

Mary D'Arcy O'Connell
My eventing coach who has brought my competitive riding, thinking and management to a new level. She is an incredible horsewoman.



Absolute Equine, Dr. Matt Lampe 469-579-5307


Warren Williams (214) 616-3356

Jody LeBlanc 940-206-1161  

Massage Therapist Jeannie Gentry (214) 477-2864
Equine Dentists Doug and Marilyn Smith (940) 367-1039

Oliver Dicks 352-208-9815

All Star Equine, Dr Mark DePaolo 940-268-6460