Strong emphasis on flatwork, gymnastics, and the rider's position to improve jumping performance

  • Dressage training
  • Cross country schoolings
  • Preparation for horse trials
  • Starting green horses over fences and on the flat
  • Evaluation of prospects for the discipline/sales

training, lesson & service fees

With all lessons and training, if we finish early with good work, we finish early, no rate change.  In regards to cancelations, I know things come up, but please try and give me 24 hour notice if you know you can't make your scheduled lesson


  • Private lessons (scheduled in a one hour time slot): $60

  • Semi private or group lessons, scheduled appropriately: $45

  • Lesson on Landmark school horse $70 private, semi $55.  Also available for half lease.
  • Cross country schoolings: $55 -$60
    (base rate within a local radius, increase for fewer than 6) 

  • Coaching at recognized shows: $125 plus any hotel expense split among clients (base rate, increase for fewer than 3).

  • Coaching at schooling shows: $50
    (base rate, increase for fewer than 6)

  • Training ride on your horse: $60 (Becky on horse)
  • Training packages: billed at the end of month and customized to the needs of horse and rider (different rates apply with students working horses in training under my supervision)

  • Grounds fees at Idylwild $20 per horse, $30 for two from same household. 

Boarding at Idylwild Farms*

$650 (not including grain) quality hay morning and night, lunch alfalfa, stall cleaning/bedding, turnout.

*The farm has many amenities including a galloping track, lighted 20x40 covered arena with mirrors, large outdoor show jump arena on prepared footing with sprinklers, covered round pen, insulated and matted barn with 12x12 stalls, fly spray system, onsite facility owner and barn help, vet clinics nearby, turnout 7 days a week, weather permitting including summer night turnout.


Fees will be charged based on mileage not gas at $1/mile and if I'm hauling two it will be split $ 0.50/mile.